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Subject: Re: [office] Chart proposal

Hi all,

Daniel Vogelheim wrote:
 > Here's two proposals for charts:

... and some more:

This time it's not from Paul's list, but one issue from our chart 
experts: Axis with numerical data support 'tick' marks for major and 
minor value. E.g., you could have a labeled tick at every 1000s, and 
would have a minor, unlabeled tick every 500 to make things easier to read

Currently, this minor tick is specified numerically, which allows you to 
define minor ticks that don't divide the major tick; e.g.a major tick of 
1000 and minor tick at 300 (chart:interval-major="1000" 
chart:interval-minor="300"). This is rather uncommon, and would in most 
likely be an error on part of the user. A more elegant way of specifying 
minor ticks would be as a divisor, where you simply state how many minor 
ticks are to be in a mojor tick interval. To create a 1000/500 division 
as in the first example, you would specify a major tick of 1000, and a 
minor tick divisor of 2. (chart:interval-major="1000" 


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