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Subject: Open Office XML Format TC Meeting Minutes 19-Jan-04

JANUARY, THE 19TH, 2004, 3PM GMT – 4:50PM GMT

Doug Alberg <doug.alberg@boeing.com>, Boeing
Michael Brauer <michael.brauer@sun.com>, Sun Microsystems
Simon Davis <simond@naa.gov.au>, National Archive of Australia
Patrick Durusau <pdurusau@emory.edu>, Society of Biblical Literature
Gary Edwards <garyedwards@yahoo.com>
David Faure <faure@kde.org>
Paul Grosso <pgrosso@arbortext.com>, Arbortext
Tom Magliery <Tom.Magliery@corel.com>, Corel
Daniel Vogelheim <daniel.vogelheim@sun.com>, Sun Microsystems

Acceptance of Minutes of the January, the 12th meeting
- The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes.

Action Items
Michael Brauer: Clarify MIME types to use for the Open Office format
   - in progress, see
Michael Brauer: Check whether plain XML file format is mentioned in the 
   - in progress
Daniel Vogelheim: Clarify on the Relax-NG mailing list whether an 
automatic conversion to DTDs exists.
   - in progress, see below
Michael Brauer: Clarify whether the suggested MIME types are permitted.
   - in progress, see
Michael Brauer: Start collection of phase 2 topics on the TC's mailing list.
   - done, see

Schema Languages
Daniel asked on the Relax-NG mailing list for Relax-NG to DTD conversion 
tools that are able to convert the Open Office schema. The suggestions 
that have been replied most frequently were to ask the tool authors for 
bug fixes or to preprocess the schema by an XSLT stylesheet, so that a 
tool based conversion becomes possible.

Specification document
The specification document is in progress. The most recent version can 
be found at http://xml.openoffice.org/oasis/

The TC discussed how to proceed with suggestions and proposals regarding 
the schema (rather than the specification document) itself that come up 
while reviewing the specification. The TC thinks that they should be 
addressed if and only if this can be done with short discussions. To 
minimize the impact of such proposals on the editing work, they should 
be based on the edited specification rather than on the original 
OpenOffice.org specification.

The TC further agreed that the edited specification should make a 
differentiation between TODOs for the editors and TODOs for the TC 
itself, and that the subject of mails that contain feedback to the 
specification should start with "SPEC:". TC editors should provide a 
proposal for TC TODOs.

The TC discussed whether list items can contain sections and headings as 
described as TODO on page 33 of
The TC agreed that headers are allowed within list items, but 
text-sections are not.

New Action Items

Michael Brauer

OASIS Open Office XML format TC chair

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