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Subject: my status

hello michael and all,
(first of all, i am sorry for missing last week, and for the late notice this week, but i will not be able to make the call today either.)
more importantly:  you may have seen the news that my division of corel (the XMetaL group) has been acquired by vancouver company blast radius.  it was reported in several different trade magazines, each of which had varying degrees of mistakes and erroneous details (sigh).  here is our own press release:
for those of you who know our history, this acquisition basically means that XMetaL, along with all the people and IP, is being yanked back out of corel into a different private, local company.  (a company for which we will actually be part of the Big Picture!)
technically i am still a corel employee as of today, but we will all be at blast radius "soon".  i haven't checked on the status of blast's membership in oasis, but if we are not members i will be urging that we sign up, not least so that i can continue as a member of this group.  i expect to be in the call next week and i will keep you all posted (probably through michael so as not to clutter the email list).

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