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Subject: Re: [office] Clarification needed about auto-text-indent

Hi David,

David Faure wrote:
>>14.5.21 Automatic Text Indent
>>Use the style:auto-text-indent property to specify that the first line of a 
>>paragraph is indented by a value that is based on the current font size. 
>>For some applications. the style:auto-text-indent property must be used
>>together with the fo:margin-left and fo:margin-right properties. If any of
>>these properties is missing, its value is assumed to be 0cm.  
>>If this property has a value of true and is used together with a
>>fo:text-indent property, then the fo:text-indent property is ignored. 
> What is missing in this description, is: how much is the indent actually going 
> to be?

In OpenOffice.org, the indent is calculated from the font height and the 
various line height attributes of the paragraph. It actually equals the 
the line height that is calculated from these attributes. However, I'm 
not sure if we should describe the behavior of such "auto" values in the 
specification, or whether we should let the applications decide how to 
interpret these values.

> It's also not clear to me why this is related to the values of margin-left and 
> margin-right.

It's not related to these attributes. The reason that these attributes 
are mentioned is that OpenOffice.org as an implementation limitation 
that allows only to specify all three attributes together or none. For 
the OASIS Open Office specification, we turned this application 
dependent limitation into an hint that some applications may have a 



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