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Subject: Re: [office] Spec typo: 14.5.37 Writing Mode

Hi David,

David Faure wrote:
>>The style:writing mode attribute specifies the writing mode of a paragraph. 
>>The attribute is similar to the writing-mode attribute specified in 7.27.7 
>>of [XSL], except hat it has the additional value auto. This value specifies 
>>that the writing mode is inherited from the parent formatting object, for
>>instance the page. 
> However the RelaxNG schema says:
> <define name="common-writing-mode-attlist">
> 	<optional>
> 		<attribute name="style:writing-mode">
> 			<choice>
> 				<value>lr-tb</value>
> 				<value>rl-tb</value>
> 				<value>tb-rl</value>
> 				<value>tb-lr</value>
> 				<value>lr</value>
> 				<value>rl</value>
> 				<value>tb</value>
> 				<value>page</value>
> 			</choice>
> 		</attribute>
> 	</optional>
> </define>
> Shouldn't the last option be "auto" instead of "page", or the description
> say "page" instead of "auto"? Since "page" comes from the OO.o schema
> and "auto" is more generic, I assume the description is correct and the schema
> should say "auto".

You are right, either the schema or the description needs to be changed. 
I personally would prefer to change the description, because this has 
less impact, but we may also change the schema if "auto" is the better 
> PS: the first line of the description seems to have a typo ("writing mode" 
> instead of writing-mode).


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