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Subject: Re: [office] SPEC: wrong mimetype in example

Hi all,

David Faure wrote:

>>Another thing: for directories the example says manifest:media-type="".
>>The explanation for media-type in 16.6.3 doesn't say explicitely that directories
>>must be listed in the manifest, and they should have an empty media-type.
>>Can this be added?
>I think this was never discussed. What should be the media-type for directories?

Hmm, I'm surprised they have a media-type at all... Some inquiring 
presents: In OOo, if a directory has semantics of its own (such as a 
directory containing a sub-document), then it received a suitable media 
type (e.g. that for the sub-document-type). Other directories which are 
just there for administrative or convenience reason (such as Pictures/) 
have no media type, which is written as an empty attribute. I'm not sure 
if it would make sense to introduce a general-purpose directory media-type.


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