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Subject: Fwd: OASIS and encryption

I was asked to forward you the following questions, so that we can implement
OASIS-compatible encryption support in KOffice.

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Subject: OASIS queries
Date: Wednesday 25 August 2004 15:23
From: Brad Hards <bradh@frogmouth.net>
To: David Faure <faure@kde.org>


Can you make the following queries to the OASIS people for me?

I'm looking at office-spec-1.0-cd-1.pdf Section 16.3, and having a bit of
trouble with understanding how to decrypt a file.

I understand that each file is seperately compressed and then encrypted
 before being stored.

I understand that I need to extract the salt and initialisation vectors for
each file from the META/manifest.xml file, and base64 decode them before

I understand that I need to use PKCS#5 / PBKDF2 to combine the SHA1 hash of
the user-provided password with the salt. I don't know what the pseudo-random
function for PBKDF2 is though. Is it just HMAC-SHA-1?

Can I have some test vectors for the PBKDF2 functions?



David Faure, faure@kde.org, sponsored by Trolltech to work on KDE,
Konqueror (http://www.konqueror.org), and KOffice (http://www.koffice.org).

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