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Subject: Working Draft 17

Dear TC members,

I've uploaded Working Draft 17. It contains the changes we agreed in the
last meeting as well as the following changes:

- as suggested by Patrick, I've replaced the term "Open Office XML" with 
terms like "Open Office documents", "Open Office schema", etc.
- In the namespace prefix table in section 1.3, the new namespace 
prefixes that we introduced with a couple of proposal were missing. I've 
added them.
- I've added the names of the sub documents used within a package to the 
table in section 2.1.
-  As suggested on our "comments" list, I've added notes to sections 
8.1.1 and 8.5.1 that paswords should not be saved as plain text.
-  The schema for "<table:validation>" contained in section 8.9 did not 
contain a reference to "table-consolidation-attlist" allthough it is 
defined. I've added that reference.
- The attribute value "column" was two times (sections 8.9 and 8.11.8) 
misspelled as "coulmn".
- In the schema of the "form:image-position" and "form:image-align" 
proposal the two attributes were not grouped properly. I've corrected 
this while integrating the schema (section 11.5.21)
- Ass suggested on our comments list, I've added a note to section 17 
(packages) that packages not only allow to split a document into several 
streams, but also support compression.

Best regards


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