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Subject: Re: [office] Open Office XML Format TC Meeting Minutes 19-July-04


David Faure wrote:
> On Friday 23 July 2004 11:07, Michael Brauer wrote:
>>Restart Numbering/Numbering Start Value
>>Daniel Vogelheim clarified the restart-numbering and start-value 
>>attributes at
>>The TC unanimously agreed to keep the start-value attribute unchanged, 
>>but to remove the restart-numbering attribute.
> It appears to me that we forgot to remove restart-numbering from one place in the specification:
> it's still there as part of the <text:h> attributes. But there again I don't see much point - specifying
> text:start-value should be enough to mean "restart numbering at this value for this header".

test:restart-numbering attribute restarts the numbering for all heading
levels, while a start value does that only for the current one. If I
remember it correctly, we removed the "text:restart-numbering" for lists
because a restart of all numbering levels here could be achieved by
simply closing and reopening all <text:list> elements. For headings,
that's not the case, because there is no element that is similar to the
<text:list> element.

You are right that a text:start-value attribute attached to a heading of
level 1 does the same as a text:restart-numbering attribute. What the
text:restart-numbering attribute allows additionally is to restart
numbers without specifying a heading of level 1. I agree that this is at
least a very uncommon situation, but its the reason we kept the attribute.

> A related question, but for paragraph styles: if a paragraph style uses start-value,
> there it means "start at this value when first using this style", but not "restart numbering
> at this value each time the style is used", right? This would make sense, but
> we might have to clarify this in the document: start-value means a somewhat different
> thing for styles and for individual paragraphs/headings.
> (for styles it's really just a "start value", and for individual paragraphs/headings 
> it's "restart now, at this value").

How does a paragraph style use a text:start-Value attribute? I think it
may only appear within list styles. Here, the specification says

"The text:start-value attribute specifies the first number of an list
item of the current level."

I think saying something like

"The text:start-value attribute specifies the number of a list's first
list item of the current level."

would be a littlte bit more precise in fact.


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