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Subject: Use of XForms namespace

Hello all,

I was asked to check whether our use of the XForms namespace is correct, 
since I submitted the XForms proposal while I was still in the TC. Well, 
mostly it is. In particular:

- <xforms:model> (chapter 11.2): OK.
- xforms:bind (chapter 11.4.3):  OK.
- xforms:submission (chappter 11.3.11): Not OK.

Hence, I would like to ask the TC to rename the xforms:submission 
attribute to form:xforms-submission.

Why is xforms:bind OK, while xforms:submission is not? XForms is 
designed to be embedded into other formats. The xforms:bind considered 
part of the 'interface' of the XForms model, in order to allow a host 
language to reference into the XForms model. Hence, a namespaced, global 
version of the attribute exists. In contrast, the submission attribute 
is considered part of the XForms UI, and is not intended to be used 
independently. Hence, the XForms WG does not want to make a global 
xforms:submission attribute which we could use, and we should use an 
OOo-specific attribute to refer to an submission.

Btw, the usage of xforms:bind will be explicitly clarifed in an erratum 
to the XForms spec.



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