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Subject: Re: [office] Use of XForms namespace

Dear TC members,

Daniel Vogelheim wrote:
> Hello all,
> I was asked to check whether our use of the XForms namespace is correct, 
> since I submitted the XForms proposal while I was still in the TC. Well, 
> mostly it is. In particular:
> - <xforms:model> (chapter 11.2): OK.
> - xforms:bind (chapter 11.4.3):  OK.
> - xforms:submission (chappter 11.3.11): Not OK.
> Hence, I would like to ask the TC to rename the xforms:submission 
> attribute to form:xforms-submission.

This request seems to be valid, so I suggest we accept it.
> Why is xforms:bind OK, while xforms:submission is not? XForms is 
> designed to be embedded into other formats. The xforms:bind considered 
> part of the 'interface' of the XForms model, in order to allow a host 
> language to reference into the XForms model. Hence, a namespaced, global 
> version of the attribute exists. In contrast, the submission attribute 
> is considered part of the XForms UI, and is not intended to be used 
> independently. Hence, the XForms WG does not want to make a global 
> xforms:submission attribute which we could use, and we should use an 
> OOo-specific attribute to refer to an submission.
> Btw, the usage of xforms:bind will be explicitly clarifed in an erratum 
> to the XForms spec.
> Thanks!
> Sincerely,
> Daniel


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