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Subject: Re: [office] Proposed TC Meeting Agenda Items

On Jan 16, 2006, at 11:22 AM, robert_weir@us.ibm.com wrote:

> I'd like to suggest two agenda item for us to queue up for discussion 
> at a future TC call.
> 1) Proposal to create additional Subcommittees
> With the increased TC size (now 16 voting members) we should probably 
> be more protective of how we use our time during the weekly TC call. 
>  Personally, I'm not sure that we have sufficient time during these 
> calls to examine technical issues related to metadata, etc., to the 
> depth these areas rightfully deserve.  


> I'd propose that we think of the TC call as primarily a meeting to 
> propose and coordinate direction, and to review technical proposals. 
>  But we should make more use of Subcommittees to develop debate 
> specification areas to the point where the consensus of subject matter 
> experts has been reached.  Then have these Subcommittees report back 
> their recommendations to the full TC for review.  

Also agreed.

> We're doing this with Accessibility today.  I think Metadata and 
> Spreadsheet Formulas would be two other obvious candidates for such an 
> approach.

I'm ready to get to work on a full metadata proposal, so however we do 
that, I'm on board. I'd rather just do the full proposal and bring it 
to the committee than debate it piecemeal. I can only guess the 
spreadsheet formula people would feel the same.

> A strawman proposal:
> a) Accessibility Subcommittee completes its examination of ODF 1.0 and 
> reports out findings and recommendations
> b) TC issues ODF 1.01 specification with errata and Accessibility 
> corrections, but no other new capabilities.  In other words, we agree 
> to "fast track" any accessibility requirements.
> c) Subcommittee formed to develop and propose further support for 
> Metadata and Spreadsheet Formulas.
> d) ODF 1.1 draft released with enhanced metadata, spreadsheet 
> formulas, and whatever other new features the TC may propose
> e) Compliance Subcommittee formed to propose ways to define compliance 
> and recommend and perhaps develop a means to verify compliance of 
> ODF-supporting applications

Looks good to me. I'd just add for the record that d ought to include 
the new citation coding approved late-2004.


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