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Subject: Re: [office] style name uniqueness

Florian Reuter said:
> I personally think that the use-case of an OpenDocument processing 
> application (e.g. a XSL(T) script) is more likely than a human reading 
> plain OpenDocument.

Mechanical opening of a file happens far more OFTEN, but
BOTH are likely because BOTH occur.

I'm human (I think), and I _do_ open plain OpenDocument files,
for a wide variety of reasons.  E.G.:
* The file isn't doing what I thought it should.  Why?
* Repair (thankfully I haven't REALLY had to do this, but the
   ABILITY to repair corrupt files by hand is really important)
* Debug OpenDocument I'm generating.   Where possible, it's
   very valuable to have a really obvious mapping; every
   indirection increases the likelihood of bugs, and decreases teh
   likelihood of detection.  Indirection IS valuable, and often
   necessary, but beware of its costs.

Well, anyway, those are my two cents.

--- David A. Wheeler

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