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Subject: ODF errta related to animation

In ODF section 9.8.2, it says the <anim:iterate> element can contain the attribute "anim:sub-item". 

However, In section 13.4.4, the schema defined does not contain "anim:sub-item" attribute. 

I think we should do some modification on this.


Iteration Target Element
For presentation documents, the smil:targetElement attribute of the <anim:iterate> element (see section 13.4.4) can reference drawing shape or paragraph elements. If the anim:sub-item attribute of <anim:iterate> has the value whole, the iteration includes the drawing shape's background and its text. If the anim:sub-item attribute's value is text, only the shape's text is iterated.


<define name="animation-element" combine="choice">
<element name="anim:iterate">
<ref name="common-anim-attlist"/>
<ref name="anin-iterate-attlist"/>
<ref name="common-timing-attlist"/>
<ref name="common-endsync-timing-attlist"/>
<ref name="animation-element"/>

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