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Subject: Face 2 Face

Dear TC members,

as I have announced already some time ago, I would like to offer to have an 
OpenDocument TC meeting in the Sun location in Hamburg somewhere in the near 
future. Under the assumption that we want to deliver an updated OpenDocument 
specification by the end of the year and under the assumption that the OASIS 
process takes 4 months, I would like to propose that we schedule the meeting 
for June or July. This would would give us the opportunity to discuss and 
agree on the remaining open details of the specification at the face to face 
in addition to other topics we may want discuss at a face to face.

Having the specification ready in July means that we may start the public 
review in early August. This again would mean that we may have the 
opportunity for an OASIS standard voting in November, and that we don't run 
into conflicts with the christmas break at the end of the year.

I would suggest that we meet for three days, but don't have any preference 
whether Monday to Wednesday, Tuesday to Thursday, or Wednesday to Friday 
would be best.

The following dates would work for me:

Week starting
June, the 5th (only Tuesday to Thursday (6th to 8th) or Wednesday to Friday 
(7th to 9th)
June, the 12th
June, the 19th
July, the 17th
July, the 24th

However, these are only suggestion, so please let me know if you think it 
would reasonable to schedule a face to face later this year (or earlier).

Best regards


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