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Subject: Re: [office] XHTML 2 and ODF?


On Mar 21, 2006, at 3:44 PM, Richard Schwerdtfeger wrote:

>  > What was interesting to me about "role" was not so much its 
> specifics
>  > (I"m really not sure whether we could use it), so much as that its
>  > design reflects consideration of both accessibility and semantic web
>  > integration, which is now the subject of two of our subcommittees.
>  >
> Interesting. I would like to know more about what your are planning 
> for semantic web integration.

I think you can get a sense from this post of mine:


>  > Those of working on metadata had realized that we'll need one or 
> more
>  > attributes that link content or styles to metadata descriptions, so
>  > hence my interest. But the attributes that are a part of RDF/A are
>  > probably closer to what we'd need.
>  >
> OK. What is the timeline you are looking for in ODF?

We talked about this on Monday. It sounded like a consensus was 
emerging that we might consider doing two releases; a first for 
accessibility this year, and a second early next year that covered 
formulas and metadata. That sounded good to me.

>  > ODF already has what I was asking for, which is some way to indicate
>  > what in print-oriented formats like ODF are rendered as footnotes or
>  > endnotes.
> I see so you would be interested in marking these as such through the 
> use of role.

This was Steven's suggestion.


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