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Subject: Full validation of an ODF document?

As we all you know,  we have multiple levels to an ODF document:

1) a packaging convention
2) a RELAX NG schema
3) document fragments based on other standards which may have schemas based on DTD or XML Schema

Maybe a dumb question, but I don't see it answered anywhere -- is there any tool out there that will validate at least 2 & 3 above?  For example, something which will validate the main document via RELAX NG and will then call out to an XML Schema validator to validate the contained MathML?  The normative grammar of the ODF spec merely says <anyName /> which is not sufficient on its own.

Also, has anyone attempted to express ODF completely in a single schema language, to facilitate such automated validation, perhaps by using a non-normative XML Schema-based grammar?  Or by creating a RELAX NG for MathML, SVG, XLink, XForms, etc. ?  


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