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Subject: Re: [office] Fwd: [odf-devel] ODF & ITS

Hello all,

robert_weir@us.ibm.com wrote:

> Since ITS is still a W3C working draft, there is certain room for
> collaboration here.  IMHO, if a W3C TC is thinking about the impact of
> their draft standard on ODF, then this is a good thing and should be
> encouraged, perhaps by assigning a liaison to work with them.  This
> isn't among what I consider our immediate concerns, but is certainly
> something worth tracking for the longer term.

+1. I would like to point out a related issue here. If we wish to
discuss i18n concerns, we also may want to address them in terms of the
encoding inside ODF. Being an XML format, ODF uses the utf-8 by default.
Now utf-8 may or may not suit certain usage needs and perequisites,
depending on where you live on the globe and depending on what you wish
to do with the ODF.
In theory, if you use an encoding that is different from utf-8 the xml
files will get broken and so will be the entire document (at least it
won't be human readable). That said, it is not always the case.
Maybe we should try to see what could be done in regard of ODF and
'unorthodox' encodings.
If someone has an idea here, feel free to comment.


Associť / Associate,
Ars Aperta.

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