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Subject: Re: [office] Fwd: [odf-devel] ODF & ITS

Charles-H.Schulz wrote:
> In theory, if you use an encoding that is different from utf-8 the xml
> files will get broken and so will be the entire document (at least it
> won't be human readable). That said, it is not always the case.
> Maybe we should try to see what could be done in regard of ODF and
> 'unorthodox' encodings.
> If someone has an idea here, feel free to comment.

Is there any encoding that can represent characters that cannot be 
represented in UTF-8? If so, we may have an issue. If not, then we 
should just require UTF-8. Unicode is supposed to be able to represent 
any character from other encodings. I don't know if it actually does 
that, but I'm not aware of any encoding that can't be mapped to Unicode.

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