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Subject: 3/16 Minutes

OASIS ODF Accessibility SC Meeting MINUTES
Thursday March 16, 2006

[Please send any corrections or additions to Nathaniel this week.]

Attending (This is probably wrong):  Nathaniel Borenstein, Jerry Barrier, Mike Paciello, Chieko Asakawa, Hironobu Takagi, Tatsuye Ishihara, Steve Noble, Peter Korn, Rich  Schwerdtfeger, Janina Sajka.  Janina took notes in the absence of Dave Pawson, from which these minutes were prepared by the chair.

I.  The minutes of the March 9 meeting were approved as corrected and submitted.

II.  Next week, most of this subcommittee will be at CSUN, while others (Nathaniel, anyway) will be at IETF.  We discussed having a semi-formal meeting of the subcommittee at CSUN, and (with refinement on the mailing list) agreed on a date, time, and place.  Topics to be discussed in person were added throughout the meeting:  (1) Focus tracking (2) Z-order (3) alt-texts.

III.  The topic of short vs long alt-text fields was discussed.   The mediaobject proposal might be a better way to approach this problem, but it was agreed that this was too big a change to undertake for our short term (June) deadline, but agreed we should consider it seriously after that.  It was generally agreed to take the short/long approach in the near term.  In the long term we will discuss both the mediaobject proposal and the possible use of the caption field.

IV.  The table/svg issue was discussed.  There is a consensus between the TC and the SC that this is a job for the TC, but that the SC has a role in formally raising it to the attention of the TC.  It is hoped but not yet certain that the TC can solve this problem in the short-term time frame.

V.   List item issue:  There is no easy semantic way to know how deep we are in a nested list structure.  The appropriate information might be inferred, but only in a rather klugy way that puts a larger burden on implementers.  The obvious way to fix this would be to add an indent or depth attribute.

VI.  List of use cases from Matt:  After discussion, the SC concluded that there were not additional requirements generated from these use cases.  Sighs of relief were audible all around.

VII.  Traversal of objects in a complex drawing was discussed, somewhat inconclusively, and deferred to the in-person meeting at CSUN.

The next meeting will take place on March 30.

Summary of action items:

Dave Pawson -- Although absent from this meeting, Dave as document editor needs to make sure that topics III and V make it into the document.

Various -- Try to make progress at CSUN on the key issues described above.

Nathaniel -- Follow up with TC on Table/SVG issue (again)

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