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Subject: Re: [office] a question on the ISO standardization process

> Do you think this could hamper the ODF standardization process and if
> yes, how? My understanding is that the people from Microsoft there could
> delay this process by reviewing thoroughly the ODF 1.0 specification
> document and ask for minor changes. These minor changes would in turn
> take enough time to allow the "Open XML" format to clear the ISO
> standardization process or even to drown the ODF effort, at least in the
> eyes of the public.

I don't see how this could happen.  Remember, the ISO ballot is voted by nation, not by company, so MS is one vote in one advisory group to one national body.  The ballot for ODF in ISO is already running and will close in May.  Nothing changes there.  That said, any national body may vote with comments, and we (the ODF TC) will need to consider each comment and provide a disposition for those comments, whether to accept it as an editorial change, deny it, defer it to a future release, etc.  This will require some time and effort, but that was true even before MS joined V1.

In the end, I encourage Microsoft and every other V1 member to read the ODF 1.0 specification thoroughly with a red pencil in hand and submit comments.  I encourage the same from advisory committees for all national bodies.  A full, public & open, review will only make ODF stronger, and further distinguish it from Open XML.  If you have a good product, you invite public scrutiny and review.  If you don't have a good product, you rush it through without changes and without the benefit of open, public review.  

Ever notice how only the really bad movies are released directly to the theaters, without a preview screening for the critics?


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