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Subject: [office] OpenDocument TC Work-Call Meeting Minutes 2006-03-27

Nathaniel Borenstein, IBM
Robert Weir, IBM
Yue Ma, IBM
David Faure, KDE
Peter Korn, Sun Microsystems
Lars Oppermann, Sun Microsystemms
Florian Reuter, Sun Microsystems
Gary Edwards, OpenDocument Foundation
Daniel Carrera, OpenDocument Foundation

Acceptance of Minutes from Last Call
The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes from the last
work call

Action Items
Michael, David: settings - ongoing
Lars, Mime types: sent to IANA, wait another week for reply, than ask
again cc Nathaniel

tables in presentations

peter: information must be available, so the useragent can know
something is a table
also for apps, that are making an alternative presentations (e.g.
talking book)
needs to know, what is a table-header, what is a row and so on

michael, currently no tables for presentations

lars, what about text:frame/table:table

michael: for interop, they should be allowed anywhere

florian: difference in ODF can only contain text (paragraphs).
In powerpoint, they can contain shapes, it's more like a grouping mechanism

yue ma:  table must be available in file format, application can chose
any rendering

peter: how do I create a table in a OOo presentation

michael: feature not available there
only way to have table in presentation is through embedding.
everything else is just drawing shapes/groups (e.g. powerpoint import)

peter: why not reuse spreadsheet

michael: explain? spreadsheet as special drawing object? full
spreadsheet as embedded object?

peter: the latter

florian: important issue is roundtrip with MS formats (grid layout). If
that is sufficient for
A11Y, we would like to implement it that way

peter, no objection to that

ACTION: florian to deliver proposal for table/grid in presentations and
A11Y to see whether it fulfills the requirement

peter: also looking at navigation (keyboard navigation) in A11Y (out of
scope) would come up with an advise document for implementors.
(focus-next et al...)

peter: e.g. there are different approaches to create a list and one of
them is not persisted in the file format

michael: there is a set of buttons for list level and one for indent...

peter: this is another thing the A11Y is looking into (advise for
authors)... Make it difficult for authors to do the wrong thing
malte is looking into OOo issues

michael: david, sent item re default style for table rows and cols
spec leaves open whether this also applied to automatically created cells
do not have an answer yet
we should clarify this in the spec

peter: I have another question re tables
what is the time line for tables (florians action)
what version of ODF would it go in

florian: A11Y wants it fast, right?

peter: we are dividing our work, doing things first that we see as being
competition critical and we are adressing issues that do not have this
competitive impact later we hope to have comp features in place (and 
maybe even implemented) by end of year

michael: we can get an OASIS approved spec by years end
full approval takes at least four month,
last two weeks are voting
we don't want to have this in december
so we need to start the process in july

peter: so we want to have tables in what we put forward in july

michael: if there are comments that need to be addressed during the
review, the date can slip, and so there is no gurantee to have it ready
by years end

peter: thats why we are aiming at june

michael: we in the TC only care about the file format.
we need certifications of usage of the standard in order to become an
oasis standard.
so we need people that are committed to do implementations.

david: what is status on - nested lists/numbered paragraphs
ACTION: florian to follow up with writer.

New Action Items
florian to deliver proposal for table/grid in presentations and
A11Y to see whether it fulfills the requirement
florian to follow up with writer on nested lists/numbering of paragraphs
> ACTION: florian to follow up with writer.

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