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Subject: Re: [office] Important question from Accessibility SC

Good question. I'd be inclined to either create a new attribute or use 
svg:desc. I wouldn't like using draw:name or office:name. That seems 
like a misuse of those tags.

How about two new tags: 'office:desc' and 'office:long-desc'? This idea 
is inspired by:



Nathaniel S Borenstein wrote:
> The accessibility committee has a question that it wishes to pose to the 
> full TC.
> There are several places where ODF currently lacks a way to specify an 
> alternative textual description of a non-textual object.  In such cases, 
> we could either invent a new tag or reuse an existing tag in what seems 
> (to us) to be a reasonable way.  In particular, we're wondering whether 
> or not we can simply use draw:name, svg:desc, and office:name for such a 
> purpose.  Would the TC recommend doing so, or would it be preferable for 
> us to create a new tag such as svg:title?  Obviously either approach 
> will work, but we aren't sure which is better.  All opinions are 
> invited.  -- Nathaniel

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