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Subject: OpenDocument specification draft

Dear TC members,

I have uploaded a new OpenDocument specification draft at:


It contains the disposition of the following comments, that I have 
posted to the mailing list today:

Japan 1
Canada 1
Canada 2

I have marked all changes in the draft with a yellow background color, 
and the document also contains change tracking information. Please note 
that the background color only marks the area of the change, but not 
necessarily the change itself (there are for instance deletions, that 
cannot be marked).

There are a few editorial comments that still need to be integrated, so 
I plan to deliver a new one tomorrow. However, most changes that are 
currently planed for the next OpenDocument specification are already 
included, so I think you may start to review the document already. The 
remaining changes will only effect very few text places.

If we get the updated specification ready this week and if it is 
acceptable for you, I would like to ask the TC to agree on the the 
updated specification as a new committee draft on Monday.

I would like to thank Patrick for the hard work on the comments which 
was the basis for my editing of the specification.

Best regards


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