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Subject: Action Required: Contributors list for OpenDocument specification

Dear TC members,

please find below the current list of contributors for inclusion in the next 
version of the OpenDocument specification. It actually consist of all current 
TC members.

If you want to be excluded from the list or think that the list is in error, 
please let me know that until the end of our TC Con Call on Monday, the 5th 
of June, either by e-mail or in the call.



Current Contributors:

Daniel Brotsky, Adobe Systems
Alan Lillich, Adobe Systems
Jerome Dumonteil, Ars Aperta
Charles Schulz, Ars Aperta
Jerry Berrier, BayState Council of the Blind (BSCB)
Donglin Wang, Changfeng Open Standards Platform Software Alliance
Rui Zhao, Changfeng Open Standards Platform Software Alliance
Stephen Noble, Design Science, Inc.
John Madden, Duke University
Chieko Asakawa, IBM
Nathaniel Borenstein, IBM
Yue Ma, IBM
Richard Schwerdtfeger, IBM
Robert Weir, IBM
John Barstow, Individual
Patrick Durusau, Individual
Michael Paciello, Individual
Janina Sajka, Individual
David Clark, Institute for Community Inclusion
Waldo Bastian, Intel Corporation
James Mason, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34
David Faure, KDE e.V
Jody Goldberg, Novell
Robin Cover, OASIS
David Pawson, Royal National Institute for the Blind
Michael Brauer, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Peter Korn, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Lars Oppermann, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Eike Rathke, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Malte Timmermann, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Daniel Bricklin, The OpenDocument Foundation, Inc.
Daniel Carrera, The OpenDocument Foundation, Inc.
Gary Edwards, The OpenDocument Foundation, Inc.
Richard Kernick, The OpenDocument Foundation, Inc.
Tomas Mecir, The OpenDocument Foundation, Inc.
Thomas Metcalf, The OpenDocument Foundation, Inc.
David A. Wheeler, The OpenDocument Foundation, Inc.
Chris Nokleberg, Tonic Systems, Inc.

Previous Contributors:
Paul Grosso, Arbortext
Tom Magliery, Blast Radius
Doug Alberg, Boeing
Paul Langille, Corel
John Chelsom, CSW Informatics
Monica Martin, Drake Certivo
Jason Harrop, Individual
Uche Ogbuji, Individual
Lauren Wood, Individual
Simon Davis, National Archive of Australia
Mark Heller, New York State Office of the Attorney General
Phil Boutros, Stellent
Daniel Vogelheim, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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