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Subject: Re: [office] Appendix on Bidi


David A. Wheeler wrote On 06/01/06 22:59,:
>>Michael Brauer a écrit :
>>>Daniel, all,
>>>thank you very much for your proposal. I have taken this one and the
>>>various other e-mails regarding this topic, and some additional
>>>explanations I got from my colleague Frank Meies, and have created an
>>>BiDi appendix document. The document is located at
>>>I think it addresses most of the BiDi related comments we received
>>>from Egypt, Israel and the UK.
>>>I further would like to propose that we include this appendix (or a
>>>revised one) into the OpenDocument 1.1 specification.
> Thanks for writing this; I think it's a great solution.  International
> support is a strength of OpenDocument, and having the key information
> in one place makes it easier for people to find it.
> I took a re-look at it (since it's going into the document) & realized that
> I had a few last-minute comments.  None are serious; if they're too
> late for this cycle, maybe they can be considered as "public comment" input.

The appendix is for inclusion in ODF 1.1 rather than ODF 1.0 (2nd edition). 
We therefore have enough type to correct whatever is wrong or could be done 

> First, the chapter title says Bidi & Internationalization.... it then
> talks about Bidi, calendars, and numbers, but never mentions some of

The appendix currently is a proposal only, and addresses those questions that 
are included in the comments we got from ISO. I've mentioned i18n because the 
appendix contains more than just BiDi, but maybe i18n was the wrong term.

If the TC thinks we should add some more topics to the appendix, then we of 
course may do so.

In any case, I will correct the spelling errors that you have reported.

Thanks for the feedback.


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