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Subject: Re: [office] Action required: OpenDocument v1.0 Second Edition Draft 30

Dear TC members,

Michael Brauer wrote On 06/01/06 10:32,:
> Dear TC members,
> I now have updated the document that list the changes between the 2nd 
> edition of OpenDocument and the origonal OpenDocument v1.0 
> specification. This document is informative. It will not be subject to 
> the committee draft ballot or to the public review, but the public 
> review request may informative refer to it to provide information what 
> has been changed. The document is located at:
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/18502/opendocument-v1.0-2nd-edition-changes.odt 

In addition the document above, I have prepared a version of the document 
that has a better looking title page. It is available at:


With the exeption of the title page and the introduction words, its exactly 
the same document as above. I propose that we reference this document in the 
public review request.

I further have created a document that contains only a summary of the 
changes. We may consider to add this as an appendix to the specification 
document itself. It is at


Best regards


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