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Subject: Additional Ballot Comments (China)

1. Considering the market relevance, ODF should be integrated with China national standard final draft Uniform Document Format (UOF) as much as possible, as well as Microsoft’s Open XML Format.

2. XSLT Style sheets should be provided to facilitate the conversion among the mainstream document formats.

3. UNO implementation of ODF should conform to CORBA specification.

4. ODF in W3C schema should be provided in addition to RelaxNG specification.

5. The document structure should be described by means of hierarchical elements for better extensibility, whereas the current version uses too many attributes.

6. ODF should add in support for user defined XML data.

7. Different compression algorithms should be adopted according to different media types appeared in the content rather than using ZIP only.

8. Extension facilities should be provided for particular software products to allow them use product specific features.

9. Text table is hard to transform into other formats due to its faulty design.

10. Representation of graphics and chart is imperfect, e.g., the incompact chart description in spreadsheet.

11. Field representation is inexplicit and incomplete.

12. Some values adopted are not described clearly in the standard document, e.g., some string and enumerate values.

13. International markup. i.e., multilingual and localized tags should be supported.

14. Function related to Chinese processing should be enhanced, e.g., to support binding lines and diagonally divided table cells.

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