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Subject: OpenDocument 1.1 Schedule

Dear TC members,

Some weeks ago we agreed that we want to work towards getting OpenDocument 
1.1 and OASIS standard be the end of this year, that due to the christmas 
vacation time in December, means by end of November.

Under the assumption that the public review and the membership voting are 
successful, this leads to the following schedule:

Committee Draft/Public Review Voting: 24th July
Submission for Public Review: 25th July
Public Review: 1st Aug. - 28th Sept.
Committee Specification Voting: 4th to 11th Oct.
Submission for OASIS Membership Voting: before 15th Oct
OASIS Memebership Voting: 1st Nov - 30th Nov.

The dates provided above are already based on a minumum schedule, that means, 
a delay of one or two days may already break the schedule. For this reason, 
it seems to be very reasonable to target the Committee Draft Voting for July, 
the 17th rather than July, the 24th (or even earlier).

In order to achieve this, I would like to propose that we agree on two 
additional dates for the schedule.

1. All proposals for substantial changes (i.e. enhancements) to OpenDocument 
have to be submitted to the TC by this Friday, that is, by June, the 23rd. 
The proposals further must already contain the text/schema that shall be 
changed/added. The only exception are the A11y proposals, since we here 
agreed that the specification editors integrate the proposals into the 
specification document directly.

Actually, since we agreed that OpenDocument 1.1 is for accesibility and 
erratas only, I do not expect that we get many proposals for substantial 
changes to OpenDocument 1.1 except the A11y proposals.

2. All proposals for editorial changes have to be submitted to the TC by 
Friday, June the 30th. Again, the proposals must already contain the 
text/schema that shall be changed/added.

I further would like to propose that all requests for changes to OpenDocument 
1.1 have to be resubmitted. The only exception are those we received while 
preparing OpenDocument 1.0 (2nd edition).

Best reagrds


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