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Subject: Re: [office] Action required: OpenDocument v1.0 Second Edition Draft28 (revised)


while reviewing an ODF 1.0 (2nd edition) draft Chris noticed some spelling 
errors. Three were in the schema, and therefore could not be corrected for 
ODF 1.0 (2nd edition).

We maybe now have the possibility to correct them for ODF 1.1. The three 
errors in questions are:

Section 14.9.1 Line Numbering Configuration:Position

The schema specifies an attribute value "rigth" rather than "right".

The descriptive text is "The text:position attribute determines whether the 
line numbers are printed on the left , right, inner, or outer margins."

Section 15.24.2  Kind

The schema specifies an attribute value "intesity " rather than "intensity".

The descriptive text is "The attribute dr3d:texture-kind is used to select 
whether the texture changes the luminance, intensity, or color of the shape."

Section 15.27.22 Dynamic Wrap Threshold

The schema specifies an attribute "style:wrap-dynamic-treshold" rather than

The descriptive text starts with "The style:wrap-dynamic-threshold attribute".

In my opinion, it is obvious in all three cases that the schema is in error 
rather than the descriptive text. We now have the following options.

a) we keep the specification as it is.
b) we correct the spelling errors in the schema
c) we correct the spelling errors in the schema, but keep the misspelled 
attribute values/names addionaly in the schema and declare the to be 
deprecated by a comment.

My personal preference is option c), because it on the one hand formally 
keeps ODF 1.0 document conformant with ODF 1.1, but on the other hand 
corrects the errors.


Michael Brauer - Sun Germany - ham02 - Hamburg wrote On 05/24/06 11:34,:
> Chris,
> I'm currently preparing a new draft which corrects the spelling errors, 
> except those in the schema. While the spelling errors in the schema are 
> clear spelling errors, too, I believe the best way to correct them is to 
> add correct spelled attributes/attribute values to the schema for a 1.1, 
> and to declare the misspelled ones to be depricated.
> Martin Bryan also reported a few more errors, that I will also integrate 
> into the new draft.
> Michael
> Chris Nokleberg wrote On 05/23/06 20:55,:
>> I have found these spelling errors in Draft 18. Please note that some of
>> them occur multiple times on the indicated pages.
>>   Page(s)   Existing text                 Corrected text
>>   --------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------
>>   75        continuos                     continuous
>>   177,178   text:ouline-level             text:outline-level
>>   274       titeldia                      titledia
>>   335       timming                       timing
>>   478       style:region-reight           style:region-right
>>   499       number:possessive-gorm        number:possessive-form
>>   516,518   text:linenumbering-seperator  text:linenumbering-separator
>> * 517       rigth                         right
>>   538       linarGradient                 linearGradient
>>   576       follwing                      following
>> * 654       intesity                      intensity
>> * 665       style:wrap-dynamic-treshold   style:wrap-dynamic-threshold
>>   675       chart:interplation            chart:interpolation
>>   682       upper-limmit                  upper-limit
>> Unfortunately the three starred ones also appear in the actual Relax NG
>> schema. They are clearly typos but I'm not sure if the process for
>> fixing them is the same.
>> Chris
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