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Subject: Proposal for style:writing-mode attribute for graphic styles


while I wrote the BiDi appendix, I've noticed that there currently is no 
style:writing-mode direction attribute for graphic styles, but only for page, 
table, section and paragraph styles.

However, text boxes support columns. They are specified in the text box's 
graphic style. Therefore, a style:writing-mode attribute is also required for 
grahic styles, so that the layout direction of columns can be specified.

I assume that the missing style:writing-mode attribute for text boxes is an 
oversight: When splitting the former <style:properties> element into 
<style:graphic-properties>, <style:section-properties> etc. we probably have 
overseen that we need that style:writing-mode attribute at the 
<style:graphic-properties> element now.

I therefore propose that we add the following to the OpenDocument v1.1 

15.27.32 Writing Mode

The style:writing-mode attribute specifies the writing mode for a text-box. 
See section 15.5.36 for details.

<define name="style-graphic-properties-attlist" combine="interleave">
	<ref name="common-writing-mode-attlist"/>

Best regards


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