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Subject: Re: [office] Progress on finalizing revs to v1.0, numbering, JTC1


the confirmed disposition document for the iso comments is at 

I have once more reviewed the comments received for the 1.0 2nd Edition 
public review. There are no comments that require any further change to 
the document and I will thus start the electronic ballot for 1.0 2nd 
Edition becoming a Committee Specification.


jamie.clark@oasis-open.org wrote:
>     The Committee is sustaining an impressive high level of productivity, and has several project threads running simulaneously.  These include the completion of the 15-day review and finalization of responses to ISO/IEC JTC1's comments in a revised v1.0 (which I have heard some call a "second edition"); plans for the next material update "v1.1"; some discussion of work after v1.1.; and the progression of several distinct work areas (including accessibility and formulae) in subcommittees.
>     This is impressive progress and we appreciate the vigorous work being contributed.  I am writing only to mention some timing and release issues regarding the first item ("second edition").
>     We note that, although there are a number of spam comments, the TC has received some material suggestions 
> (e.g., 
> http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office-comment/200606/msg00000.html)in response to the comment period just closed.  We 
> and understand that your first task will be to log these, elect whether to make the proposed changes, and then re-approve (or modify) the draft submitted for that review. 
>     After that, our next concern will be to review and approve (of discuss with you) the proposed disposition report which OASIS must send to JTC1, noting the responses to the comments received during JTC1's balloting period.  While the TC may draft this, and has done so, as an extertnal submission, this must be reviewed by OASIS management before being sent to JTC1. (Obviously we look primarily to the committee for expertise, but also review for responsiveness and clarity before sending a final report on to JTC1.)  After considering whether any updates are required based on the just-completed review, would you please confirm to us the TC draft that we should review as the proposed disposition report?  Also, we probably should set a future TC meeting date for OASIS staff to attend, and bring any concerns about the report back to the TC, before we sent it to JTC1.
>     Again, thank you for the impressive and intensive eforts contributed to advance this important specification.  
>     Regards  Jamie Clark

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Phone: +49 40 23646 959                                D-20097 Hamburg
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