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Subject: Re: [office] some answers regarding drawing comments


I understand and agree with you that we need clear definition of the ellipticalQuadrant command to specify the tangent of the additional points. I also think that, from the standard's point of view, the definition of each command should not have conflict with the general rule except that we have strong reason to do that. In this case, I am not sure if VML or other spec has proposition on the tangent. If no, I suggest to change the description by using consistent tangent. It is consistent with other commands (such as lineto, arc, and so on) and will not cause any backward interoperability problem with ODF1.0.



Inactive hide details for Chris Nokleberg <cnokleberg@tonicsystems.com>Chris Nokleberg <cnokleberg@tonicsystems.com>

          Chris Nokleberg <cnokleberg@tonicsystems.com>

          07/11/2006 04:03 AM


Zhi Yu Yue/China/IBM@IBMCN


Lars Oppermann <Lars.Oppermann@Sun.COM>, OASIS Office <office@lists.oasis-open.org>


Re: [office] some answers regarding drawing comments

On Mon, Jul 10, 2006 at 09:55:41PM +0800, Zhi Yu Yue wrote:
> About the ellipticalQuadrant, my colleague and I studied the example by
> Chris, and found that ODF1.0 has defined rules for repeating commands.
> Chapter 9.5.3 said that, "If the command is repeated multiple times, only
> the first command is required. (e.g. "M 10 10 L 20 20 L 30 20" can also be
> expressed as followed "M 10 10 L 20 20 30 20")". Therefore, the example,
> "M 5 0 X 10 5 5 10 0 5 5 0 Z N" equals to
> "M 5 0 X 10 5 X 5 10 X 0 5 X 5 0 Z N", which is surely not a circle.

I understand your reasoning (it is certainly a valid way to read the
vague spec), but I don't agree with your conclusion.

The statement regarding repeated commands is unnecessary/misleading,
because the description of each command already denotes when multiple
parameters are allowed (e.g. "(x y)+" for lineto). The transformation
of "L 20 20 30 20" -> "L 20 20 L 30 20" works due to the nature of
lineto (and moveto) but it is not valid in general.

I think this is just an issue of the person who wrote that sentence
not understanding what the commands actually do:

- These commands are clearly the same as in VML, which also behaves
 the way I described (although the VML "spec" is silent on the issue
 of alternating tangents as well).

- Also, although I don't want to start down the slippery slope of
 using OpenOffice as a reference, it does draw a circle.


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