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Subject: Re: [office] Question on table headers


Actually, typical spreadsheet applications like OOo Calc support table 
row or column headers that are in the middle in the table. I'm not a 
spreadsheet expert, but on use case I may think of is if you want to add 
a Spreadsheet title at the top of the spreadsheet that shall not be 
repeated on every page.


robert_weir@us.ibm.com wrote:

> A received a question from Rich on the Accessibility SC, but I didn't have 
>  a good answer for him.  Table headers -- the grammar we specify now is:
> <define name="table-rows-no-group">
>         <choice>
>                 <group>
>                         <ref name="table-rows"/>
>                         <optional>
>                                 <ref name="table-table-header-rows"/>
>                                 <optional>
>                                         <ref name="table-rows"/>
>                                 </optional>
>                         </optional>
>                 </group>
>                 <group>
>                         <ref name="table-table-header-rows"/>
>                         <optional>
>                                 <ref name="table-rows"/>
>                         </optional>
>                 </group>
>         </choice>
> </define>
> The first group in the choice seems to allow table rows, followed by an 
> optional table header, followed by optionally more table rows.  Does 
> anyone know what that is allowed?  Are there any implementations that 
> allow you to define a table header in the middle of a table?  What am I 
> missing?  We're trying to figure out 1) how this would be rendered if it 
> is allowed, especially when it flows onto a second page and you repeat the 
> headers, and 2) how to expose this for accessibility.  Certainly it would 
> be unkind to start reading the table rows and then start reading the 
> headers only later.
> The more typical option is the 2nd group in the choice, where the table 
> header comes first, optionally followed by more table rows.   Column 
> headers are parallel to this and allow the same two options.
> -Rob

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