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Subject: Please review syntax of formula work

As I mentioned today, I'd like everyone in the OpenDocument TC to
take a look at the draft formula spec's syntax section.
Just go the "Documents" section and download the latest version.

That's not to say that this is "final, no changes possible" version; it's just
that NOW is the time to report on issues, because we want to close this out.
Please send feedback by Aug. 21.

For ordinary formulas, the syntax hasn't really changed in a long, long time.

Known discussion items:
* The syntax supports 3D arrays, but nobody implements that.  I'm thiinking we should
   remove the 3D support, esp. since a function could be added later to do the same thing
   (so we wouldn't have to have a special syntax).  No point in special support
   for something no one does.
* There are lots of ways to write in-line errors.  Does anyone have heartburn
   with what's currently there?
* An optional "$$" marker for named expressions was added to deal with some
   special cases; discussion welcome.


--- David A. Wheeler 

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