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Subject: Re: [office] RDF background

On Oct 9, 2006, at 6:04 PM, Bruce D'Arcus wrote:

> I think it was Helen today that asked for resources on RDF. I've  
> found this one to be quite good:
> 	<http://www.rdfabout.com/quickintro.xpd>

One thing: the author of the piece is the developer of the  
govtrack.us website, so tends to emphasize the distributed web  
implications for RDF, which I don't think should be discounted for  
ODF. However, the things that make this possible also gives RDF a  
more modest advantage for ODF: a simple and robust extension model.  
E.g. the things that make RDF well-suited to mesh distributed  
metadata also make it easy to merge different kinds of metadata  
*within* ODF, or to merge together that disparate metadata from  
different ODF files.

This is why Adobe used a subset of it for its XMP framework, whose  
design was no doubt driven by similar use cases and requirements.


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