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Subject: Re: [office] ODF with W3C CDF


Thanks for your explanation.

But to make ODF could leverage other useful format/spec easily and directly in future, is the way ODF used for SVG and SMIL integration efficient? or we need find an easy solution for such case in future, for instance by defining a placeholder in ODF spec, to make it has the capability to contain foreign format content directly?

By such scenario, for example, if I have a SVG file, I can insert such SVG content into ODF document by put it into a placeholder, without any change to the SVG content, vice versa, the SVG content located in such placeholder in ODF document could be exported to a SVG file directly without any change.


Ma Yue

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Re: [office] ODF with W3C CDF

Yue Ma, all,

Yue MA wrote:
> In current ODF spec, the SVG, SMIL and XForm are using ODF specific
> namespace instead of formal W3C namespace. That means when we say ODF

The reason we are using our own namespaces for SVG, SMIL and XSL-FO are
not validation problems, but that these specifications do not contain
schema modules that we may include. In particular, they do not define
global attributes, but all attributes do only exist for specific
elements. Since we do not include these elements, and we can't do so, we
cannot include their attributes. Actually, we used the SVG, SMIL and
XSL-FO namespaces themselves in early versions of the specification, but
we were asked by the SVG working group to change that.

We actually are using the XForms namespace, but we have duplicated the
schema definitions, because the XForms schema is a W3C Schema, while we
require Relax-NG. We in fact may evaluate whether the use of NVDL allows
us to change that. NVDL may be also an option to reference the MathML
schema. The current specification actually allows anything where MathML
may appear. I think we had shortly discussed that some time ago already.

Regarding the relation of NDL to NDVL: To the best of my knowledge, NVDL
is the result of standardizing NRL at SC34.

I will add an "Evaluation of NVDL" to the 1.2 action item list on the wiki.

Best regards

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