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Subject: Re: [office] id or xml:id attribute?

On 10/11/06, Bruce D'Arcus <bruce.darcus@opendocument.us> wrote:

> I'm just asking how we ought to interpret this; for example, for the
> metadata work.
> Using RDF/A with XHTML, for example, if you have:
>         <x:p id="1">foo</x:p>
> ... you may refer to that paragraph by pre-pending a fragment hash. So
> if you're within the same document "#1" and if you're pointing from
> outside "http://ex.net/bar#1";.
> So how are we to interpret the ODF id attributes (plural) then?

And how should we interpret this in respect of
from which "A uniform mechanism for recognizing identifiers is desirable." :-)
"Authors of XML documents are encouraged to name their ID attributes
"xml:id" to increase the interoperability of these identifiers on the

I think 1.2 would be a good chance to decide if we mean xml:id
or just another attribute.

I don't think this would meet your example Bruce?


Dave Pawson

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