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Subject: Re: [office] Error in 9.5.5 Enhanced Geometry "draw:formula" specification

Hi David,

Since you're looking into draw:formula perhaps I can interest you in
this message:


On 11/20/06, David Faure <faure@kde.org> wrote:
> It has been brought to my attention that the BNF syntax for draw:formula in 9.5.5 is incorrect.
> 1) unary_expression is defined but not used anywhere; it should include "| basic_expression", and
> it should be used instead of basic_expression in multiplicative_expression and additive_expression.
> Otherwise there's no way to use the "unary minus" at all.
> I note that the definition of anim:formula in 13.3.2 does this correctly already.
> 2) The "if" function is not exactly defined. There are 3 parameters, but how are they used?
> From http://books.evc-cit.info/odbook/custom_shapes_article.pdf it appears that the
> OpenOffice.org implementation is along the lines of
> "if the first parameter is greater or equal zero the second parameter is used, and
> if it is below 0 the third parameter is used" but this should be confirmed and it should be
> part of the ODF specification.

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