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Subject: Re: [office] "deprecation"

On Nov 23, 2006, at 8:17 AM, Michael Brauer - Sun Germany - ham02 - 
Hamburg wrote:

> If OpenDocument's text:sections cannot be  mapped to OOX, then the 
> technical correct way to resolve this in my point of view would be to 
> enhance OOX, but this is not within the scope of our TC's charter.

I don't have a position on the specific issues, but I agree this is an 
awkward issue. For one thing, it's pretty clear that MS has not shown 
much interest at all in discussing technical details with this 
committee, or with making any substantive changes to the spec to ease 
interop with ODF.

Notwithstanding any potential political problem, it would make good 
sense to find some formal way to resolve interoperability issues 
between OOXML and ODF going forward. Would it be appropriate for 
someone to look into that? E.g. representatives from both committees 
bring a list of their top five issues and see if there isn't ways to 
resolve them sooner rather than later?


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