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Subject: Re: [office] Re: [office-metadata] Re: [office] SuggestedODF1.2 items

>>> Bruce D'Arcus <bruce.darcus@OpenDocument.us> 12/12/06 2:17 PM >>>

>>>I don't think the proposal Florian offered will work for citations (or other 
>>>similar sorts of OOXML fields he wants to convert to/from).

Hi Bruce,

thats interresting. Can you be more specific here, because I always thought its possible together with meta-data. But
that may be a false assumption.

Beside that you asked for a use case of e.g. starting a field in the middle of one paragraph and ending it in the middle
of the other paragraph.

Attached is a bugdoc which contains a field which starts in the middle of a paragraph. Basically these kind of bugdocs
arise when e.g. report generators fill out field and not relying on the layout capability of the text processor.

I know that it is not a good document design to let fields start anywhere and end anywhere like change-start and
This is where my question regarding the TCs opinion on interoperability comes from. The only justification for
requesting these kind of fields is that there are BoBs (Billion of Binary docs :-)) which could need this kind of

I would also suggest to have a text:field encoding which can be used if the start end nesting is well formed.
E.g. <p><span>Hello</span><start-field>Field</end-field></p> could be encoded using

In the meta data scenario the start-end mechanism would also make sense, since you can encode all kind of selections
using this. Because the user may want to attach metadata to a selection from the middle of a paragraph to the middle of
a table, I guess.

My list of ODF1.2 items was not ment as a proposal. More than a list of things I would like to address and discuss with
the TC. I don't have a prefered opinion how to solve a special problem --- as long as the BoBs are happy :-)



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