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Subject: OpenDocuemnt TC Work Call Minutes 2007-01-08

Robert Weir, IBM
Helen Yue, IBM
Patric Durusau
David Faure, KDE
Florian Reueter, Novell
Michael Brauer, Sun Microsystems
Lars Oppermann, Sun Microsystems
Gary Edwards, OpenDocument Foundation
David A Wheeler, OpenDocument Foundation

Minutes from last work-call (Dec. 14th)
The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes from the last
work call.

Action Items
Michael, proposal regarding pp./ff.ongoing

Ballot for ODF 1.1 is in progress, primary represenatives are now have 
to familiarize themselfes with the specification, vote will start Jan. 
15th and will be open until Jan 31th.

Michael: did lots of rework on ODF 1.2 draft and Patrick sent along many 
improvements and suggestions. Rework is mostly done, including ISO 
adoptions. Also minor editorial changes to some descriptions were 
clarity could be improved. I am currently going through the questions 
from Gary and when I am done with that I will send the first ODF 1.2 
draft to the TC.
I have not yet split up the specification into parts and that is the 
next step I am going to take.
I built some scripts that check for consistency between attribute names 
mentioned in the text and their schema counterparts.

Agenda Topics:
Missing namespace prefixes (in 1.1 spec)
Michael: These will be resolved in the draft that I will send out.
We will need to submit an official errata document. (for ODF 1.1)
We create a committee draft for that and submit it for public review
This can only be done once in 6 month.

Rob This issue also applies to 1.0 2nd ed
According to OASIS rules, erratas can only be issued for OASIS Standards
We should maintain errata documents.

Michael: since we are not currently in a review phase, so we are not 
under obligation to respond in any particular way. We should however 
acknowledge the issue.
Lars: So we could create an errata document right away
Michael: might cause confusion
DavidW: we could create a draft errata doc in the wiki
Rob:... and than issue an errata doc once every six month (or whatever 
is deemed appropriate by the TC)
ACTION: Michael to create Errata page (1.1 and 1.0)

1.2 Proposals
Michael: updated 1.2 action item list and split it into categories: 
suggested, agreed to do, proposals under discussion and approved proposals.

DavidW: is anyone going through OOXML to check whether there is anything 
in there that is hard to represent in ODF?
Michael: I think the implementors are aiming at interoperability with MS 
office and what needs representation in ODF.
Lars: out method of requirements eliction here shoulöd be to let 
imple,mentors drive this, by suggesting what additional representations 
are needed in ODF in order to reach interoperatbility

Michael: I can give an indirect update regarding to List/Numbering.
 From the discussion on the list and discussion with developers.
The proposal was to follow DavidF's ID-approach for numbered paragraphs  
and Florian's override approach for Lists.
DavidF: that's great and is in line with what Thomas has proposed.

New Action Items.
Michael to create Errata page (1.1 and 1.0)

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