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Subject: Re: [office] Re: [office-comment] Re: my commentson the numbering spec proposal discussed by David F. andFlorianR.

Hi Oliver,

thanks for your resonse. We still need to get confirmation from David whether he agrees or not.

Let me ask you a different question. What will be the outcome of the following list?

<list style-name="LS1">
 <list style-name="LS2">
  <list-item> <p>..<p> </list-item>
 <list style-name="LS3">
   <list-item> <p>..<p> </list-item>
 <list style-name="LS4">
   <list-item>  <p>..<p> </list-item>

with the list styles as given below.

Thanks very much helping me to understand the problem.


>>> Oliver-Rainer Wittmann - Software Engineer - Sun Microsystems <Oliver-Rainer.Wittmann@Sun.COM> 01/22/07 2:19 PM >>>
Florian Reuter wrote:
> Hi Oliver,
> Hi David,
> A question for a better understanding:
> So lets suppose we have the following list style definitions {style:num-format, text:display-levels}:
> LS1=< {"1"/1}, {"1"/2}, {"1"/3}, {"1"/4}, … >
> LS2=< {"1"/1}, {"A"/2}, {"1"/3}, {"1"/4}, … >
> LS3=< {"A"/1}, {"i"/2}, {"1"/3}, {"1"/4}, … >
> LS4=< {"i"/1}, {"a"/2}, {"1"/3}, {"1"/4}, … >
> and we have the following numbered paragraphs:
> <numbered-paragraph list-id="1" style-name="LS1" level="1">..</..>
> <numbered-paragraph list-id="1" style-name="LS2" level="2">..</..>
> <numbered-paragraph list-id="1" style-name="LS3" level="2">..</..>
> <numbered-paragraph list-id="1" style-name="LS4" level="2">..</..>
> my understanding of the list-id proposal is that this results in the following numbers:
> 1. 
> 2.A.
> C.ii.
> iv.c.
> or will it be? (Which I would like more):
> 1.
> 2.A.
> 3.ii.
> 4.c.
> ~Florian
> P.S. Still trying to get it :-)

when I understand your list definitions correct, then you will get:

Note: There is only one paragraph on level 1 for this list, which is the 
first paragraph one. The following paragraphs are all list items on 
level 2 and are all sub-elements of the first one.

In my interpretation of the list style, which is applied at a paragraph, 
is used to build-up the numbering label. If the numbering label states, 
that numbers of superior levels have to be included, these numbers 
should be formatted in the number format given at this list style for 
the corresponding level.

The same holds for the same list converted to <text:list> using 
attribute text:style-override.

Regards, Oliver.

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