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Subject: Re: [office] Proposal: Auto shrink text in shapes

On Monday 15 January 2007 15:02, Michael Brauer wrote:
> Shrink To Fit
> The attributes draw:shrink-to-fit specifies whether the text content of a
> drawing object, if necessary, gets shrunk to fit into the drawing object.
> Shrinking does mean that the drawing object's font size is decreased, so
> that the complete text fits into the drawing object. This attribute has no
> effect on drawing objects where the text content fits already into the
> drawing objects.

I agree that this feature is nice, but I'm unclear on what you expect this to 
do in a file (format).
A boolean like this can imply that the reading-application must shrink it from 
the saved fontsize to a smaller font size. Or apply horizontal or vertical 
Last meaning (the one which I hope you mean) can be that its just a way to 
persist a config option for that shape which is used by the application when 
the user alters the shape or the text.  And the application will then scale 
the text/etc and store the new fontsize in the file.

Could you clarify?
Thomas Zander

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