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Subject: Introduction.

Hi all.

today I became a member of this TC and I'm sure there are various people here 
that don't know me, here is a little introduction from my side.

I have been with KOffice since 1998/1999 where I took over 
maintainership of KWord and guided it to its 1.0 release. I got 
distanced from the project as at work I was programming Java all the 
time and switching back to C++ was just too hard for just evening hours 

Some 9 years ago I graduated from a study on ComputerTechnology on topic 
which I subsequently never really used anymore. (how typical ;)
I have worked for just one company since that time creating and 
designing a database-publishing workflow for brokers. I learned a lot 
about pre-press and typesetting there as we hold the philosophy that 
the only way to properly automate a workflow is to have manually done 
it for some time.
When I left, in 2005, I had grown to be senior programmer and the 
company had a huge range of products all based on the principle 
workflow where the broker types his text on a Java Swing application 
that connects over the internet and stores the data in our database. Using our 
own tools the data is then 'printed' to postscript and using a 
workflow-management tool (again our own)  the in-house printer creates the 
presentations and we ship them to the brokers.

Since I left the company I have travelled for 3 months around New 
Zealand. (I'm from The Netherlands myself) and after that decided that 
I wanted to continue work on bringing KOffice to greater maturity.

I came into contact with Gary Edwards recently and as he heard of my work and 
my wish to contribute more to this TC, we worked out that this would be 
possible via the OpenDocument Foundation of which I am now a member.

So, thank you Gary and hello to the rest of the TC!
Thomas Zander

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