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Subject: Proposal: add attribute style:name to <text:outline-style>

Dear TC members,

I want to propose to add mandatory attribute style:name to the outline 
style <text:outline-style>.

One my opinion this is usefull for the following cases:
- As stated in the ODF specification, the outline style is a list style. 
This list style is by default applied to all headings, whose paragraph 
style doesn't define a list style.
But this special list style can't be referenced in a ODF document, 
because it has no name to identify it. Thus, it isn't possible to apply 
this special list style to normal lists formed by <text:list> blocks or 
<text:numbered-paragraphs>. Thus, if the user wants to form a list with 
the same list properties as the outline style, he/she as to duplicate 
the list definition.
A mandatory style:name would allow such usage of the outline style.

- If application A provides the outline style together with the other 
list styles in the user interface to the user, the application typically 
chooses a name for the outline style in order to display it. Application 
A can assure that no name clashes occur with the names of the normal 
list styles. But, another application B could exactly use this chosen 
name as a name for a normal list style. On case application A imports 
such a ODF document created by application B, a name clash inside 
application A occurs, which has to be solved.
A mandatory style:name would avoid such name clashes.

Regards, Oliver.

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