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Subject: proposal to solve problem with attribute style:default-outline-level

Dear TC members,

I want to propose to add value "none" to attribute 
style:default-outline-level to indicate that the style has no value for 
this attribute. This will solve the following problem:
Currently, only positive integers are allowed as values for 
style:default-outline-level. Thus, in a ODF document the following style 
constellation can't be expressed:
- Style A is specified to have a default outline level with value 2 
- Style B is specified to have style A as its parent and to have no 
default outline level.
The problem is, that if attribute style:default-outline-level is missing 
in style B, it inherits the value from its parent style A. Thus, 
attribute style:default-outline-level has to be defined for style B. 
But, in this case currently no appropriate value exists to express, that 
style B has no default outline level.
The new proposed value "none" will solve this problem.

Regards, Oliver.

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