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Subject: reverse-axes, was: proposals for charts: reverse-direction,right-angled-axes, group-bars-per-axis

Hi Patrick,

Remarks on the 15.31.3 are well taken...

Patrick Durusau wrote:
>> Reverse Direction
>> ...
> I am not entirely clear on the end result that is the goal.
> Cartesian coordinate systems, 3D or 2D are all "left handed" by default. 
> That is to say that the zero point on each axis is located at a single 
> point and most usually to the left of anyone viewing the representation.
> It the intent here to be: (apologies for the poor representation):
> 0
> |
> y axis
> |
> |
> |
> ____x axis_________0
> ?

With the help of the chart developers, I was able to get some 

For 3D Cartesian coordinate systems we need to indicate whether they 
should be left handed or right handed as both variants are widely used.
OpenOffice.org uses left handed systems for 3D charts per default:

y max
|         z max
|       /
|    /
| /
xyz min------x max

> To be honest, I found the last sentence unexpected and difficult.
> ...

Chart properties are applied in the following order:
By default the coordinate systems are constructed as described above. 
When the chart's chart:vertical style property is set to true, the x and 
y axes are swapped. After this, the chart:reverse-direction style 
property is applied to individual axes.

|  zmax

|  zmax

vertical=true AND y-axis specifies reverse-direction=true
|  zmax

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