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Subject: Re: [office] How to add animations for shapes on master pages

Hi Dave, David,

David - if I understand you correctly, you are saying "do in master 
pages for animations what we do in non-master/normal pages for 
animations."  Thus, if there is no accessibility issue with animations 
in normal pages, in theory we won't be introducing one in master pages.  

> On 21/02/07, David Faure <faure@kde.org> wrote:
>> > > It is possible in OO Impress to assign a animation to a shape on 
>> a master page
>> > > but nothing happens :-).
>> > >
>> > > If you need more input just let me know.
>> >
>> > Yes please. How will you let a blind user know of the animation,
>> > what its semantics are etc?
>> I don't understand what your question has to do with master pages.
> Master pages which are inaccessible are unusable to some people.
>> Presentation programs already have support for animations, in normal 
>> pages;
>> Thorsten's request is to extend that to master pages as well. The 
>> support
>> for animations itself is not new.
> Maybe it is not new. Does that make it OK?
> It is quite inaccessible to a blind user.
> regards

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