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Subject: Re: [office] revised proposal: new attributes text:style-override andtext:list-id

Thomas Zander wrote:
> Thanks for writing this up.
> Just one comment;
> On Wednesday 21 February 2007 11:46, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann - Software 
> Engineer - Sun Microsystems wrote:
>> The ODF specification 1.1 - see chapter 4.3.1 about list blocks - states
>> that only the counter domain of the direct preceding list can be
>> continued using attribute text:continue-numbering. It's proposed to
>> extend this statement to any preceding list.
> To be clear; I didn't agree this was needed/wanted, I still have the same 
> objection.  But if you want to put this in, I think you should be clearer as 
> to the definition.
> The previous stated that it was the directly preceding list. Which is clear. 
> Now you say its any preceding list.  Which makes me ask which of all the 
> preceding lists should be chosen?  And why ?
> Can you extend/amend that detail of the revised proposal ?
> Thanks.

Thx for the comment.
You are right, this part is a little bit too short.

It's proposed that with the use of attribute 
text:continue-numbered="true" the counter domain of one of the preceding 
lists is continued. Such a preceding list has to fulfill the condition, 
that is applies the same list style. If more than one of such a 
preceding list exists, the one is chosen, which is found first in 
stepping backward in the document. If no such preceding list exists no 
counter domain is continued.

Regards, Oliver.

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